Susuma Community, Mantagalpa, Nicaragua.


Recently we were asked to work with some women in this small village in Mataglapa, Nicaragua. This life changing visit inspired us to use TWELVE as a platform to empower women and help alleviate poverty in their communities. Our goal is to teach new skills and business practices to enable sustainable income and a chance to break the cycle of poverty. The ability to bring their pieces to you is such a gift and proceeds will go toward these efforts. 

The Susuma Community is the poorest of the poor and, unfortunately, many families here call the local dump home. They live in makeshift tin and wooden shelters, and few have running water or electricity. Each day these families dig through the city’s refuse looking for any items they can sell to earn a bit of money to get by. In spite of all this, they were some of the most generous people we've ever met. It was such a humbling experience to visit and work with these women. 

Before we arrived, sewing machines were kindly donated by other groups and partners to get the Susuma sewing co-op off the ground. We focused our instruction on garment construction and best business practices. The end result is what you see here. We hope you treasure the great pieces made with love by these wonderful women.

We will continue to feature new items throughout the year made in Matagapla. Find their goodies in the shop and give back! As this project grows we will be looking for other ways to partner with more communities like those of Susuma.