Effortless originals, just for you. 

TWELVE was created with the intention of providing elevated basics to add to your personal collection. Each piece is thoughtfully designed for creative, everyday dressing. No more than a dozen of each design is produced, and often there is only one, making each item extremely rare and very special. Textiles are ethically sourced from around the world using fun prints, classic patterns, and solid standards.  

We create garments in our Austin design studio, with some new additions being produced by our partners in Nicaragua. Proceeds go towards our projects to empower women in developing areas to grow their own businesses, working to alleviate poverty. 

In order to supply you with these effortless original garments on a regular basis, fresh designs are released throughout the month rather than in collections. Most pieces are not limited to a specific season, but meant to be enjoyed all year.  

Unlike mass production, there is something special about knowing that you have a unique piece that was developed with care, precision, and passion. We hope you’ll find a distinctive addition to your wardrobe, and know that you’ll be one of a very few who has it.